Summer Stories | Following Jesus Through the Trauma of Estrangement


July 25


9:30 - 11:00 AM


Room 200

Research shows we are currently living through the most rapid change in family structure in human history. A 2022 poll showed that one in four Americans are not speaking to at least one member of their immediate family. Parental estrangement from an adult child is typically experienced as a trauma similar, but different, to unexpected death. Estrangement is especially difficult for parents who made difficult choices for their family in an effort to honor God. How do we walk faithfully through the trauma of estrangement when everything we hoped for and believed God for is torn out from under us? Attend this session to hear personal testimonies from estranged Christian moms who never dreamed estrangement would be their reality. Find out how Jesus led through the wilderness of shame, doubt, pain, anger and more. Kim Winters will lead this session of sharing that focuses on the only answer in the desolate darkness of estrangement, which is Jesus!

Contact: Alicia Ewer