Abigail Turner

Children's Special Needs Coordinator

Abigail joined the staff in 2023 as our Children’s Ministry Special Needs Coordinator. In this role, Abigail has the joy of connecting with families of children with special needs and helping them identify how they can be supported while at church. This enables the parents of these children to worship and grow without being worried about their child(ren) and enables the child(ren) to learn about Jesus and grow their relationship in ways that meet their specific needs.

Abigail also works as a Marriage and Family Therapist, working with families and children with special needs. She has a bachelor’s degree in church music from Messiah University and a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Lancaster Bible College.

Abigail and her husband of 19 years, Shaun, reside in Mechanicsburg with their two children, Lily and Elijiah, and their therapy dog named Mr. Whittaker (Whit for short). In her free time, Abigail enjoys gardening, reading, art, music, hiking, biking and lifting weights. She has a passion for celebrating the beauty of God’s creativity- this means celebrating our differences and learning to love each other in spite of those differences.