Our Mission & Strategy

As a community is to seek the good of the West Shore and beyond through deep truths, deep lives and deep love for the glory of Christ. Our strategy to pursue our mission together includes these four practices.


We gather regularly with our body to glorify and encounter God with reverence and awe.


We engage in the life of our body to become known, know others and grow in Christ together.


We grow in our biblical perspective, becoming faithful witnesses in our culture.


We guide people to Jesus through meeting needs, building relationships and initiating conversations about Him.

What We Believe

There is One God, Creator of all things. The Bible is God’s inerrant Word. All people are lost in sin. Jesus is fully God and fully man. Jesus died as a substitute for us and rose from the dead. The Holy Spirit is God.  People are reconciled to God by faith alone, through grace alone, in Christ alone. Jesus is our Lord as well as our Savior. Jesus will return bodily.  All people will be raised from the dead and receive eternal life or eternal punishment.

Dig Deeper Into Our Beliefs

Key Values

We live out our mission together through faith-filled worship, encouraging each other to belong, pursuing life-long training and multiplying relationships that help others encounter Jesus. We believe that these practices help people grow in deeper relationships with Christ. These five key values guide us.

  • Know God as He is

    Our greatest joy is God Himself. We want to know Him, not as we hope or imagine Him to be, but as He truly is.

  • Be Rather Than Appear To Be

    We commit to be a safe place for people to wrestle with doubt, fear, sin and brokenness so that we all might become like Jesus in reality, not just in appearance.

  • Sent with the Gospel

    We are a people sent in the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim and live the Gospel both near and far, expecting that this Truth will renew lives and cultures.

  • Sacrifice for One Another

    We believe that the church is a people in covenant relationship with God and therefore one another. We are committed to sacrificing our time, skills, money and preferences so that all might find Jesus more beautiful and believable.

  • Engage Across Generations

    We display the beauty and power of the Gospel through the intentional investment of the old in the young and the young in the old.