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Finding ways to deepen our faith and build meaningful relationships can be tough. Becoming part of a LifeGroup is the perfect opportunity to meet others in your community and join together to grow in Christ!
We just wrapped up our most recent LifeGroup kickoff event, but we will have another one coming up in September. If you are interested in joining with us for that event fill out this form and we will follow up with you as the event gets closer. We use that time to launch out new LifeGroups across our communities.

Join A LifeGroup

What Do LifeGroups Do?

Each LifeGroup is composed of between 5-11 people. We encourage groups to meet weekly in homes or other relaxed settings. During the meetings, we ask groups to follow these three simple guidelines.

(Read the LifeGroup Leader Guide for a more in-depth explanation.)

Build Relationships

Spend time together and build deep relationships. As LifeGroups first get started each person takes time sharing their faith story. This is a great building block from which relationships can go deeper.

Dive Deeper

Discuss Sunday’s sermon using the questions and reflections provided. We want LifeGroups to challenge their members to apply the weekly sermons to their lives throughout the week.

Pray Together

Pray for each other. Hearing each other’s burdens and praises each week helps people grow together; and praying together for those burdens and praises helps people grow closer to God.

Lead a LifeGroup

If you sense the Holy Spirit is prompting you to start your own LifeGroup, and you are willing to be a leader, let us know! We would love to talk with you more about this and help equip you with the right tools to get started!

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