LifeGroups at
West Shore Free Church

Our LifeGroups are one of the primary discipleship strategies we use to grow in Christ together and to pursue our mission as one church body. Each group consists of 5-11 people who gather together on a regular basis in peoples’ homes to have a time of fellowship, intentional prayer and a discussion on the sermon using the weekly sermon guide provided.

LifeGroup Launches

When we launch new LifeGroups we ask you to simply commit to trying a LifeGroup for 8-weeks. This gives you a chance to try out a LifeGroup to see if it is the right fit for you. Our hope is after the 8-week trial period the group will stay together and continue meeting. But if not, you are welcome to try another group through our next LifeGroup Launch event.

Our next LifeGroup Launch event will be April 16, 2023!


What Do LifeGroups Do?

Each LifeGroup is composed of between 5-11 people. We encourage groups to meet weekly in homes or other relaxed settings. During the meetings, we ask groups to follow these three simple guidelines.

(Read the LifeGroup Leader Guide for a more in-depth explanation.)

Build Relationships

Spend time together and build deep relationships. As LifeGroups first get started each person takes time sharing their faith story. This is a great building block from which relationships can go deeper.

Dive Deeper

Discuss Sunday’s sermon using the questions and reflections provided. We want LifeGroups to challenge their members to apply the weekly sermons to their lives throughout the week.

Pray Together

Pray for each other. Hearing each other’s burdens and praises each week helps people grow together; and praying together for those burdens and praises helps people grow closer to God.

Lead a LifeGroup

If you want to start your own LifeGroup and are willing to be a leader, let us know!

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