Welcome College-Age Friends!

This is a place for young people ages 18-25 to connect in both small and large group settings, have fun together, and see one another rooted firm in biblical truth. We want you to have a place to belong, where you can find strong relationships and experience-wise guidance as we walk through these seasons of life together.

Whether you’re here year-round or only back in the summers, we have something for YOU.


Weekly LifeGroup meetings are the place to share life and dig deep into the Word – to experience Jesus and grow in Christ together. Come anytime you can! Everyone is always welcome!

Wednesdays @ 7-9. p.m.

Contact Pastor Russ Allen for the location of bible studies.


Food, Worship, Discussion

The FORUM is a place to eat awesome food, meet great friends, and worship the Lord with our hearts and minds. Come engage some of Christianity’s hottest topics in a safe environment where the goal is to think biblically and make much of Jesus! Bring your friends and check it out!

Sundays Monthly @ 7-9 p.m. (Room 226, East Entrance)

Feb. 6- How can we effectively share the Gospel?
Mar. 20- Did Jesus suffer God’s wrath on the cross?
Apr. 24- How should Christians interact with media & social media?

Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself

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