Making the name of Jesus known around the world through…

Feeding starving families in Yemen, strengthening believers in Bosnia,  and training leaders in Cambodia.


Villagers in Yemen are starving to death due to the civil war that has ravaged that country for the past 5 years.  Your gifts will provide food packages to keep families alive and enable local Christians to share Christ’s love.


The believers in Bosnia have struggled with inadequate rented space to gather for worship and grow their ministries.  Your gifts will help the church purchase their own building in the city of Zenica to strengthen their witness as Mario & Dejana lead the church.


Church leaders who come to Tahas Bible Institute in Cambodia for training currently have to sleep in hammocks under an open pavilion during their stay.  Your gifts will help Tahas build a comfortable men’s dormitory.


We give with the understanding that it is about what God wants for us more than what He wants from us. Through this stewardship, we increase our trust in God who provides for all.

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