Foster Care Initiative

Due to opioid and other addictions, homelessness, abuse and neglect, hundreds of children in our four-county area need foster care every year. West Shore Free Church helps parents and children in crisis with deep love, hope and support to keep their families intact. Our vision is to have more waiting and equipped foster families than there are waiting and vulnerable children.

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The Need for Foster Care in Our Community

There is a need for at least 100 more foster families and 100 host families just to keep up with recent growth in the four counties around our church. Each host and foster family needs 5+ support people surrounding them.

Possible & Likely

A Podcast Responding to Central PA’s Foster Care Crisis

This podcast paints a picture of having more than enough supportive people before, during and after foster care in our region. It dives into both what is possible & likely if we don’t get involved in helping to alleviate this crisis and what is possible & likely if we all do what we can.

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The Five Ways You Can Be Involved

You can join West Shore Free Church in addressing the needs of vulnerable children and families in five primary ways.

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  • Pray

    Go before God with us. Here’s a prayer guide.

  • Prevent

    Support local area partners, particularly those engaged in opioid/addiction, homelessness and other root causes of family disruption. Our Beyond Addiction ministry provides a wealth of resources on battling addiction.

  • Become a Host Family 

    Host families temporarily host children and provide a network of support to families in crisis while they get back on their feet. Unlike fostering, biological parents can choose to reunite with their children at any time. We participate alongside Safe Families for Children.

  • Become a Foster Family 

    Foster families accept temporary custody of children removed by their county, providing a safe, stable and loving family to live with while the court determines what’s best. We participate alongside the Bair Foundation by encouraging and supporting people at our church who are willing to become foster parents.

  • Join a Care Community for a Host or Foster Family

    Each Host Family and Foster Family needs a Care Community of about five people, including a coordinator, who can provide babysitting, house cleaning, meal delivery and other vital assistance to help them succeed.

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