Short Term Missions

Throughout the year, West Shore Free Church sends multigenerational teams far from home to build relationships and share the Gospel during short mission trips.

New trips will be communicated through the weekly What’s Happening email.

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Perspectives Course

Perspectives is a 15-week course designed to help believers from all walks of life see how they can get threaded into God’s story of redeeming people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to Himself. Ready to discover your purpose? Sign up for Perspectives.

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Global Ministry Partners

We hear God’s call to help people in crisis everywhere and are invested in several long-term international missions around the world. With more than 2000 verses in the Bible about how we should treat the poor, the oppressed, orphans, widows and strangers, we are committed to partnering with global organizations that specialize in addressing complex human needs. We encourage you to research these organizations and find ways to get involved.

  • The Balkans – Bosnia & Herzegovina

    In the aftermath of the civil war (1992-1995) which became the most brutal chapter in the breakup of former Yugoslavia, several young churches emerged out of the rubble and chaos. Today Orthodox Serbs, Catholic Croats and Muslim Bosniaks are coming to know Jesus through the vibrant testimony of these churches, and they are finding lasting peace and reconciliation as they grow in the true knowledge of Christ.

    For the past 25 years the people of West Shore Free Church have helped rebuild the Bible School in Mostar, expand the Door of Hope drug and rehab center, carry out work projects for the churches of Breza and Sanski Most, conduct leadership training, organize sports ministries for young people and encourage church leaders and members through the long term friendships God has given us. We also support several Bosnian pastors, the Emek Beraka Camp Ministry and the Scholarship Program for disenfranchised youth.

  • Cambodia & China

    The Cambodian people have left the terrible ‘Killing Fields’ of the past (1975-1979) and moved into a brighter present. One of the most obvious signs of change is the rapid growth of the Cambodian church in the past 20 years. From a small remnant that survived the Khmer Rouge genocide, there are now over 500,000 believers in several thousand churches throughout the main cities. We have had the privilege of partnering with a group of newly planted churches northwest of the capital Phnom Penh in Kampong Chhnang Province. Our teams have worked with the Grace Language School and the Light for Living ministry center.

    We also have joined hands with the TAHAS Bible Institute, where local Leaders can receive Bible training in two-week intensive modules while continuing to serve their churches full time and establish new congregations in unreached villages.

    We continue to send workers to the Far East as English language teachers, medical professionals and as campus workers through China Outreach Ministries.

  • India

    We have supported multiple groups of 20 Indian pastors in several states using a five-year ministry agreement by which each cohort of pastors receives monthly theological training, and each individual pastor is tasked with planting a new church in five unreached villages. We have been involved in India since 2007 and have seen hundreds of churches started despite the growing persecution and daily struggles these pastors face.

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